IT Services

Progressive Systems’ service model drives cost reduction and faster projects implementation. Our model covers application management, systems integration, infrastructure services and consulting services. 


Our IT services include Operations and Maintenance, and Systems Integration. 


Operations and Maintenance

Progressive Systems provides best-in-class Operations and Maintenance services. Our personnel efficiently operate and maintain your IT environments, ensuring the correct implementation of your processes also through effective: 


  • Data management 
  • Data processing 
  • Cloud and Hosting operations 
  • Test and Validation 
  • KPIs monitoring 


We will keep you informed about the Operations and Maintenance service level and propose corrective actions and possible enhancements where needed in order to guarantee your satisfaction. 


Systems Integration

Progressive Systems provides architectural design, development, implementation and integration of sub-systems. 

We provide IT solutions tailored on your specific needs. Our experts will identify the best solution starting from the analysis of your requirements, considering re-design and IT processes integration as well where needed. 

Our solutions will be optimized for your network structure and guarantee the compliance with your security policy.